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John Thomas Simmons is the 4th son of Sarah and Jacob Simmons.  On July 4, 1859, he married Susan Sophia Simmons, youngest child of Alexander T. and Susan Travers Simmons.  Jacob and Alexander Simmons were brothers; consequently, John and Susan were first cousins.  At the time of their wedding, he was about 25; she, 20.  Both were illiterate, which was not unusual for that time.  They had 8 children, 7 of whom lived to adulthood.

The couple lived most of their married life on Long Point on Upper Hoopers Island, where John was a farmer.  John was sometimes called "Long Point Johnny."  Living in their household for many years was Susan's grandfather John Travers of Matthew who was in his 90s.

John Travers of Matthew died in 1883.  One year later, John Simmons died.  The two men are buried near one another in the southwest corner of the our Graveyard.  When Susan died in 1911, she was buried beside her husband.  Her grave is unmarked.

Studying John Thomas Simmons' genealogy is a challenge.  He was born on July 7, 1834.  In adulthood he is identified in the records as John T. Simmons.  Also born on July 7, 1834, was John Travers Simmons, Susan Sofia's brother.  He, too, in the records is John T. Simmons.  The latter John T. is buried in the Benjamin Hooper Graveyard in Hoopersville. 

These portraits are courtesy of David and Dolores Adams.  David is the great-great-grandson of John Thomas Simmons.

Until recently, we were aware of only two other photographs of people who are buried in the Old Hoopers Island Graveyard--William and Rebecca T. Ruark.  It is wonderful to be able to see what two more of our "residents" looked like.
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John Thomas Simmons (1834-1884) and  Susan Sophia Simmons (1839-1911)