Tombstones in the Graveyard (T-Z)
TOLLEY--HENRY T. TOLLEY  Died June 10, 1859 in the 36th year of his age.  Footstone: H.T.T.
[Both Jones and Marshall inaccurately recorded the spelling of this name as "Tolly."]

JOSEPH WESLEY TOLLEY who departed this life February 3rd 1828, aged 15 months.  Footstone: J.W.T.
In memory of JULIAN TOLLEY, who departed this life May the 11th 1825 aged 61 years and 5 months  Footstone: J T
*In Memory of SARAH A. TOLLEY who departed this life October 25th 1829.  Aged 21 years and 2 months [Side by side, on the
same tombstone]  In Memory of JOHN TOLLEY departed this life August 1827 [Both Jones and Marshall recorded this stone as
"Sarah Tolly d. Oct. 23, 1820; neither recorder mentioned John Tolley.]  Footstone: S.A.T. / J.T.
In memory of Spair Travers Tolley. Who departd this life February 19th 1828. aged 8 years.  Footstone: S.T.T.
In memory of SPARE TRAVERS TOLLEY who died the 24th day of March 1816 [xxxx] age [xx] years 7 mos. & [xxxx] Footstone:
S T T [Both Jones and Marshall recorded "age 7 mos."]

TOLLY--In memory of JOHN T. TOLLY, Died Feb. 4th 1855. aged 21 years & 4 months.  Footstone: J T T

*REBECCA F.  Wife of Samuel H. Tolly Born Nov. 10, 1838  Died June 14, 1881 [On the same tombstone, beneath the first entry]
LUCY R. Daughter of Samuel H. & Rebecca F Tolly Died June 14, 1881 [Both Jones and Marshall inaccurately recorded Rebecca's
date of death as January.  Neither included Lucy in their inventories.]  Footstone: R.F.T.
SARAH E. Dau. Of Samuel H. & Rebecca F. Tolly  Born May 21, 1872  Died April 16, 1873  Footstone: S.E.T.
*SARAH Dau. Of  Samuel H. & Rebecca F. Tolly Born May 23. 1875  Died May 27. 1875  Footstone: S.T. [Neither Jones nor
Marshall recorded this stone.]
TABITHA.  Dau. Of Samuel H. & Rebecca F. Tolly  Born May 19 1879  Died May 19 1879.  Footstone: T.T.
TRAVERS--In memory of ANN TRAVERS  Daughter of Matthew & Mary Travers  Who died January 17th 1822 In the 31st year of her age
Footstone: A.T. [Marshall mentions that the records of Duncan L. Noble show this stone; it is not in the inventory of Jones.]

B.T. and B.T. 1813 [Both appear to be footstones, but perhaps the dated one is the headstone.  Not mentioned in Jones.  Marshall
notes that the records of Duncan L. Noble show "B.T. 1817."  Location and size of the stone indicates that the deceased was a Travers
In Memory of GEORGE W. TRAVERS  Son of Matthew & Elizabeth Travers who died Sep'r 29th 1826  In the 10th year of his age.
[Both Jones and Marshall inaccurately recorded the spelling as "Mathew."]
In Memory of (willow motif) JOHN TRAVERS of M. Born Nov. 5, 1787  Died May 22, 1883 AGED 95 Yrs. 6 Mos. & 17 Ds.
Footstone: J.T.  [Jones notes: "Next to above grave, 1 unmarked vault enclosed by a wooden fence.]
In memory of John T. Travers  Son of John & Rebeckah Travers  Who died June 27 1824 aged 9 months & 3 days  [Both Jones and
Marshall record this name as "Rebecca;"  Jones' inventory says "5 days."]
In Memory of MARY TRAVERS, the Wife of Matthew Travers; Who departed this life April 21st 1805.  Aged 48 Years.  Footstone:
M T  [Both Jones and Marshall inaccurately recorded the spelling as "Mathew."]
MARY EMMALINE TRAVERS daughter of John & Rebecca Travers died July 13th 1812, Aged 9 Months and 5 Days.  [Jones'
inventory says "9 days."] Footstone: M E T / 1812
In memory of Mathew Travers  Son of Mathew & Mary Travers  Born June 1st 1788 [xxxx] 10th 185[x].  [Both Jones and Marshall
invert these names.  Marshall recorded the spelling as "Matthew."  Following the names, Jones writes: "rest illegible, stone broken up."
Marshall recorded "b. June 1, 1788, d. Aug 10, 1856."]  Footstone: M.T.
In Memory of MATTHEW TRAVERS who died March 12th 1832 in the 72nd year of his age.  Footstone: M T [Jones inaccurately
recorded this name as "William."]
*REBECCA  WIFE OF JOHN TRAVIS [Travers]  Born Dec. 24th 1788  Died Jan 6th 1863.  [Neither Jones nor Marshall included
this stone in their inventories.]  Footstone: R.T.

TREXLER--In Memory of JONATHAN P. TREXLER  Who departed this life May 15th 1849.  Aged 55 years and 26 days

TYLER--Mary E. Dau. Of George & Caroline TYLER Died Aug. 3, 1869 In the 13th year of her age. [Jones said: "Tomb broken --illegible."              Not mentioned by Marshall.  Stone broken through the family name.]

WALLACE--SARAH JANE daughter of Wm B. & S.A. Wallace Born June 16th, 1860, departed this life December 16th, 1860  Aged 6 mos.           Footstone: S.J.W. [Both previous inventories list "William" in this entry.]