Tombstones in the Graveyard (L-R)
LEWIS--CLARA M. wife of WILLIAM H. LEWIS Born Nov'r 15, 1845.  Died Feb'y 1, 1871.  Footstone: C M L            [Marshall recorded this date incorrectly as 1874.]
MILLS--IN MEMORY OF (willow motif)  JAMES B. MILLS  Born Nov. 1st, 1811.  Died Aug. 6th, 1864.  Footstone:    J.B.M.
IN MEMORY OF (rose motif) SUSAN ANN MILLS  Born Oct. 2nd, 1814  Died Feb. 8th, 1860  Aged 46 years, 4 mos, and 6 days.  Daughter of JOHN and REBECCA TRAVERS.  Footstone:  S.A.M. [Jones missed this stone.
PARKER--WILLIAM H. PARKER  BORN Nov. 4, 1829  Died Dec. 22, 1896.  Footstone: W.H.P. [When Jones and Marshall did their inventories, this stone was mostly underground and this information was not visible.]
RUARK--IN MEMORY OF (hand motif) AMANDA  Daughter of Wm T & Rebeca T. Ruark born Aug 4, 1855  died         Jan 31, 1881 Footstone: A V R
EDWARD J. RUARK  Died July 22, 1819  Aged 3 years and 22 days
ELIZABETH RUARK  Born Oct'r 25, 1799.  Died March 1, 1871.
FREDDIE E.  son of HENRY & REBECCA RUARK  Born Aug 17, 1873,  Died Feb 21, 1874 Footstone: F E R       [Both Jones an Marshall inaccurately recorded this date as Aug. 18.]
IN MEMORY OF HENRY  SON OF James & Martha Ruark who departed this life Aug'st 23rd, 1842, age 46          years & 6 months [Both Jones and Marshall inaccurately recorded this age as "16".]
IRA B.  Son of Henry W. & Rebecca F. RUARK  Born Apr. 28, 1875  Died Mar. 9, 1901 Footstone: I.B.R.
JOHN T. RUARK.  Born May 23, 1877.  Died Feb. 16, 1901.  Footstone:  J T R
*MAJOR A.  son of E. & M. RUARK  Born Dec. 22d 1848  Died Aug 6th 1849.  [Neither Jones nor Marshall           recorded this tombstone.]
MAJOR A RUARK  Son of Henry W & Rebecca Ruark  Born Mar 29 1881  Died Mar 30 1881 Footstone: M A R
MARY E. RUARK Died August 22nd 1819  Aged 1 Year  2 months & 11 days
OLIVER G. RUARK  Born May 1, 1868, Died May 1, 1900  Footstone: O G R
REBECCA F. Wife of HENRY W. RUARK  Born Oct. 22, 1837.  Died Feb. 13, 1905.  Footstone: R.F.R.                 [Additionally, RUARK is engraved on the pedestal of her tomb.]
IN MEMORY OF (rose with leaves motif) REBECCA J. RUARK  Daughter of Wm. T. & Rebecca T. Ruark             Born March 11th 1862, Departed this life September 29th 1865  Footstone: R.J.R.
REBECCA S. Daughter of John T. & Eva W. Ruark  Born Aug. 12, 1901.  Died Jan. 24, 1902.  Footstone: R.S.R.
In Memory of (hand motif) REBECCA T. RUARK BORN March 21, 1831  DIED February 22, 1912                       Daughter of John W. Parker & Mary Travers Parker  Beloved wife of William T. Ruark
[stone erected September, 2003]
RHODA V. RUARK  Born Oct 9th 1871  Died May 13th 1909  Footstone: R V R
SUSAN MARGRET Born Dec 1 1854  Died Feb 29 1855 [Last name not given, but location in the graveyard would indicate that her name was Ruark.  Marshall gave the stone that identification.]
In Memory Of (hand motif) WILLIAM T. RUARK Born May 20, 1831  Died Sept. 25, 1891 AGED 60 yrs. 4 mo's  & 5 ds.  Footstone: W T R