Tombstones in the Graveyard (A-K)
Recorded and verified in July-September, 2001, by Friends of the Old Hoopers Island Graveyard.  Every attempt was made to record the inscriptions exactly as they were carved.  Where previous recorders listed differing information, the material under question is underlined and the discrepancy is noted.  Asterisks (*) indicate tombstones not previously recorded.

ADAMS--IN MEMORY OF  CLARISA A.  Daughter of J. and M. Adams.  Who departed this life August the 7th 1844, aged 4 years 9 months and 12 days.  Footstone: C.A.A.
EARL F. Son of John A. & Alice Adams.  Born Dec. 22, 1900.  Died Apr. 3, 1908.  Footstone: E.F.A.
IN MEMORY OF  ELIZABETH L. Daughter of M. and E. Adams, who departed this life February the 24th, 1841  1 year, 4 months and 28 days [Jones and Marshall both recorded "Februy"]  Footstone: E L A
GEORGE  Son of M. and E. Adams, who departed this life December the 28th 1844 aged 2 years 4 months and 24 days.  [Jones and Marshall both gave the middle initial as "Q."  The corner of the stone is now broken where that information would have been given.]
HENRY F. Son of M & E ADAMS, born Sept. 6, 1852, died March 22, 1853, aged 6 months & 16 days.  Footstone: H F A
J.E.A. [Footstone only.  Not mentioned in Marshall.  May be related to the stone Jones recorded as "Josiah E.--- Eliza---illegible, tomb broken."  A nearby fragment says "30th year his age" and includes poetry fragments.]
In memory of JOB W. ADAMS, died May 1st, 1863, aged 53 years.  Footstone: J.W.A.
RUSSELL A.  Son of J.A. & Alice ADAMS Aug 1, 1905  Jan. 30, 1907  Footstone: R.A.A. [Both Jones and Marshall record the month of birth as July.  However, it is clearly Aug.]

BUDD--In memory of REBECCA BUDD who departed this life Octr 8th 1817, in the 83d year of her age  Footstone: R B

CANNON--S.J.C. [Footstone only.  No doubt from the tomb recorded in both Jones and Marshall as "Samuel J.                Cannon, d. July 28, 1878, in the 60th year of his age.  A Deacon in the M.E. Church"

CARMINE--In memory of Nancy Carmine wife of S. Carmine who departed this life September 11th 1833 Aged 37 years 5 mo and 2 days  Footstone: N C

S C [Footstone only. Because of the stone's location, it is presumed to be the grave of Samuel Carmine, husband of Nancy Carmine, or of Susan Clarke, daughter of Edward and Teresa Simmons.

CREIGHTON--MATHEW T. CREIGHTON born Jan. 20th, 1824, died May 20th, 1860  Footstone:  M.T.C.

*MILFORD CREIGHTON born Feb. 14th 1857 died Jan. 18th 1859 Footstone: M.C.  [Location in the graveyard would indicate that this baby is the child of Mathew T. Creighton.  Not recorded by either Jones or Marshall.
In Memory of (dove motif) VIRGINIA L.  Beloved wife of Milford F. Creighton and daughter of Daniel & Bridget A. Johnson  Born Feb. 20, 1867  Died March 7, 1887  Aged 20 yrs & 15 dys. [On the same tombstone, beneath the first entry.]  Claude Infant son of Milford F. & Virginia L. Creighton Born Jan. 23, 1887.  Died March 5, 1887  Footstone: V L C/C C [Both Jones and Marshall record the name as Miliard which is in error.

HAYWARD--MARY L. HAYWARD  Died Aug 8th, 1855 aged 28 years.  [Both Jones and Marshall incorrectly list the       date as 9th.]  Footstone: M.L.H.

JOHNSON--In Memory of BRIDGET A. Beloved wife of Daniel Johnson Died July 20, 1886. AGED 60 Years               Footstone: B.A.J.

In Memory of (anchor motif) GEORGE H. son of Daniel & Biddy A. JOHNSON  Died Aug. 31.1876, aged 23 years.  11 mns & 22 days.  Footstone: G.H.J. [Both Jones and Marshall inaccurately recorded this name as "Buddy."