Tombstones in the Graveyard (S)
SANDERS--ELIZA J.  Daughter of Jos. & Mary Sanders who died Nov. 4th 1847  Aged 9 y 11 mo & 23d.                   Footstone: E.J.S. [Jones incorrectly recorded the age as 9 mos, 23 days.]
In memory of FRANCES A.  Daughter of Jos. & Mary Sanders who died Nov. 6th, 1847, Aged 7 y. 5 mo. & 18 d.  Footstone: F.A.S.
In memory of WILLIAM A. Son of Jos & Mary Sanders who died Nov. 8th, 1847 Aed 3 y. 2 mo. & 22 d. [Side by side on the same tombstone]  In memory of JOHN J. son of Jos & Mary Sanders who died Nov 7th 1847 Aged 5y. 2 mo. & 13d.  Footstone: J J S /W A S  [Both Jones and Marshall incorrectly list "15" years; Jones recorded 17 days.]
SIMMONS--SACRED to the memory of ALEXANDER TRAVERS SIMMONS who was born September 13th day in the year 1807, and departed this life September the 6th in the year of our Lord 1840, aged 32 years, 11 Mo. and 24 days.  Footstone: A.T.S. [Jones recorded this date as "1802."]
IN MEMORY OF EDWARD SIMMONS who was born March 14th, 1770 and departed this life October 10, 1839  Footstone: E.S.
In memory of ELIZA, daughter of Jacob & Sarah Simmons who departed this life March 9th, 1848 aged 4 years  4 months, and 14 days [Both Marshall and Jones inaccurately recorded "42" years.]   Footstone: E.S.
*ELIZABETH, consort of he late EDWARD SIMMONS born August 16th, 1768 departed this life November 20th 1852  Footstone: E.S. [Jones lists "Eliz--a large tomb--inscription illegible.  While not in the best of condition, it is legible.  Marshall does not list this stone at all.]
In memory of JACOB SIMMONS Died May 23d 1854 in the 50th year of his age Footstone: J S
LOUISA daughter of John & Susan Simmons  Born & Died Sept. 3. 1861  Footstone: L.S.
In memory of MAJOR T. SIMMONS  Died July 29th 1854 in the 23d year of his age.  Footstone:M.T.S.
Samuel A. son of Jacob & Sarah Simmons.  Born Feb'y 4, 1833.  Killed by the Rebel Batteries on Brandywine Hill Va. Dec'r 10, 1862  Aged 29 years. 10 mos & 6 days. [Neither Jones nor Marshall recorded that the batteries were in Virginia.]  Footstone: S A S
SAMUEL W.  Son of John T. & Susan S. Simmons Born Oct. 26, 1871, Died Dec. 26, 1890 AGED 19 Yrs. & 2 Months.  Footstone: S.W.S.
[SAMUEL W. SIMMONS d. Aug. 5, 1857. in the 80th year of his age.  Listed in both Jones and Marshall inventories.  Not found in 2001.]
SUSAN M. daughter of Saml. A. & S.M. Simmons Born Oct. 2nd, 1860 departed this life April 5th 1862 Aged 1 yr. 6 mos & 3 dy  Footstone: S M S
[Both Jones and Marshall record the name as "Samuel."]
In Memory of TERESEA, wife of EDWARD SIMMONS departed this life September the 20th 1811 Aged 39 Years 1 Month And 27 days  Footstone: T.S.
*In memory of THERESA SIMMONS Wife of Thomas Simmons, Who died July 17th 1825 Aged 21 Years and 6 months.  Footstone: T S [Neither Jones nor Marshall recorded this tombstone.]
*WILLIAM EDGAR  Son of J.A.E. & Mary E. Simmons  Born Dec. 6, 1888.  Died Apr. 8, 1901.  [Neither Jones nor Marshall recorded this tombstone.]  Footstone: W E S