Family Ties (2 of 2)

Wife No. 1:  Mary "Molly" Travers

1. John Travers of Matthew
   and wife Rebecca Tolley Travers
   a) Mary Emmaline Travers
   b) Susan Ann Travers Simmons Mills
(previously m. Alexander Travers Simmons)
and husband James B. Mills
   c) John T. Travers
2. Matthew Travers, Jr.
3. Ann Travers
4. George W. Travers

The following are connected to the lineage of Matthew Travers: Clarissa A. Adams, Earl F. Adams, Job W. Adams,  Russell A. Adams, Claude Creighton, John T. Creighton & wife Louisa, Matthew T. Creighton, Virginia L. Creighton, George H. Johnson, Bridget A. Johnson, William H. Parker, and Rebecca Travers Parker Ruark.



Wife:  Elizabeth Simmons Ruark
(daughter of Edward and Teresa Simmons)

1. Edward J. Ruark
          a) Major A. Ruark
          b) Susan Margret Ruark
2. Mary E. Ruark
3. William T. Ruark and
   wife Rebecca Travers Parker Ruark
   a) Amanda Ruark
   b) Rebecca J. Ruark
   c) Oliver Gross Ruark and
wife Rhoda V. Travers Ruark
4. Susan Martha Ruark Simmons Travers (wife of Samuel A. Simmons)
5. Henry Washington Ruark I and wife Rebecca Simmons Ruark (daughter of Alexander                            Travers Simmons)
   a) Freddie Elbridge Ruark
   b) Ira B. Ruark
   c) John T. Ruark and daughter Rebecca S. Ruark
   d) Major A. Ruark
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Graves of Rebecca F. Ruark (1837-1905) and her husband Henry W. Ruark (1838-1880).
Mary Travers
Wife of Matthew Travers
died April 21, 1805 at the age of 48