Family Ties (1 of 2)
       EDWARD SIMMONS (1770-1839)

 Wife No. 1: Teresa Tolley Simmons 
(probable mother, Rebecca Tolley Budd)
   Wife No. 2  Elizabeth Creighton Travers Simmons

   Children and Grandchildren:
1. Elizabeth Simmons Ruark (see Henry Ruark)
2. Jacob Simmons
a. Major T. Simmons
b. John Thomas Simmons
1) Louisa Simmons
2) Samuel W. Simmons
c. Samuel A. Simmons
and wife Susan Ruark Simmons Travers
1) Susan M. Simmons
d. Eliza Simmons
3. Alexander Travers Simmons and wife Susan Ann Travers Mills (m. James B. Mills)
a. Rebecca Simmons Ruark (see Henry W. Ruark)
b. Susan Sophia Simmons m. John Thomas Simmons (see above)
4. Nancy (or Ann) Simmons Carmine (probable daughter)

   Other Grandchildren of Edward:  Elizabeth L. Adams, Henry F. Adams, George Q. Adams,                 Sarah Jane Wallace; (probable grandchildren of Edward Simmons) Eliza J. Sanders,                  Frances A. Sanders, John Sanders, and William  A. Sanders

   Also buried here
1. Samuel W. Simmons (probable brother of Edward Simmons)
2. Theresa Simmons (wife of son Thomas Simmons)
3. Samuel J. Cannon (husband of Jacob Simmons' daughter, Sarah "Sally")

Edward Simmons

Mother:    Rebecca Tolley Budd (1st m. Alexander Tolley)
Wife:        Ann Travers, married 8 Mar 1786
Children and Grandchildren:
1. Rebecca Tolley Travers and husband John Travers of Matthew
a. Mary Emmaline Travers
b. Susan Travers Simmons Mills m. 1st Alexander Travers Simmons
1) Susan Sophia Simmons m. John Thomas Simmons (see above)
2) Rebecca F. Simmons m. Henry Washington Ruark (see Ruarks)
c. John T. Travers
2. Alexander Tolley m. Susan Ann Traverse
a. Spair Travers Tolley
b. Joseph Wesley Tolley
c. Samuel Houston Tolley m. Rebecca F. Tolly
1) Sarah Tolly3) Tabitha Tolly
2) Sarah E. Tolly    4) Lucy R. Tolly
d. Henry T. Tolley
e. John T. Tolley   
3. Sarah A. Tolley
4. John Tolley

Also buried here Julian Tolley (unknown connection)
Tolley/Talley DNA Project

The Tolleys of Hoopers Island have a common ancestor with the Talleys of Virginia.  Emily Doolin Aulicino is the coordinator of the DNA Project that has shown this connection.  If you are a Tolley descendant, you can look at the results that have been compiled thus far on the website:  If you are interested in participating in this project, the e-mail contact for Emily is:  
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