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  The Old Hoopers Island Graveyard,
c/o Jacqueline Hedberg
23 Strabane Court
Baltimore,  MD  21234-1608
Friends of the Graveyard
Purpose:  This organization was formed in the year 2000 to restore and preserve an endangered Maryland treasure.  Restoration was completed in 2006.  The Friends are now responsible for the Graveyard's maintenance.

Membership All descendants of families buried in the graveyard, all residents of Hoopers Island, and anyone who appreciates the early history of Maryland are encouraged to join the Friends.  To become a member please submit a check of $10 or a more generous amount payable to "Old Hoopers Island Graveyard" to the address below.  All donations go to continual upkeep of the graveyard.   There are currently 241 individuals/families who have contributed to the restoration and preservation of the Old Hoopers Island Graveyard.
The Changing Face of the Old Graveyard
A website of local interest has been created for St. Mary's Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Golden Hill.  Check it out at  The site was created by Susan Applegarth Goad, a Friend of the Graveyard.
Books About Hoopers Island

Hoopers Island is a photographic essay of the Hoopers Island that once was--a waterfront community with old bridges, old houses, and old families.

Hoopers Island's Changing Face is a photographic essay of the changes that have come to Hoopers Island since the 1950s.

The above 2 books are part of Arcadia Publishing's "Images of America" series and are available on Hoopers Island at Old Salty's Restaurant and  online at:  and

Hoopers Island: Glimpses of the Past is a series of essays about newsworthy events and cultural life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Roger Hooper and the Sheriff:  Hoopers Island's First 100 Years covers the period from 1659 to 1759 when Hoopers Island was an integral part of colonial Maryland.

We Once Lived on Hoopers Island is an inventory and history of the Hosier Cemetery.

The above 3 books are available online at: